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Are you interested in real estate investment?

We are here for you! 

About us

About us

Ing. Jana Chládková/

„Find hidden opportunities."

A love of history and an enthusiasm for modern design were the key reasons for establishing the company. Discovering hidden gems not only in Mala Strana, but also in seemingly uninteresting parts of Prague and its surroundings, and being able to present and offer them to the right investors is the pillar of her work. With her personal and open approach, she has gained many clients and business partners, with whom she works repeatedly.

Michal Klimo/

„Doing things differently."

The requirements for finding his family home seemed simple enough at the time, yet the cooperation with professionals ended in a great fiasco. Michal immediately identified gaps in the services that he was offered and a lack of good property offers. He decided to do things better, differently and with a great commitment, which turned out to be a successful strategy. 

Our team

We have been helping our clients with real estate investments for 21 years. Our team is very efficient, knowledgeable and has years of experience and excellent customer service with a great personal approach.


Ing. Jana Chládková

+420 603 525 184


Michal Klimo

+420 736 539 593


Ing. Pavla Scheinerová

+420 737 235 580

Our team


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JUDr. Jan Brož

co-founder of law firm

Chládková & Klimo real estate agency is a synonym for a discreet business partner with extensive professional knowledge. Their attractive portfolio of properties on the Prague market, helped us sell one of our commercial properties in the centre of Prague.

Ing. Michaela Králová

SVÚM Reality s.r.o.

Chládková & Klimo real estate agency is an important business partner for us, operating in the field of real estate investment in Prague. The office has a diverse and extensive portfolio, which is significantly supported by the diligence of the office's partners. We especially appreciate the work of Mr. Klima, who significantly contributed to our investment in a commercial building in Prague 2.

Ing. Jiří Meissner

Pražské rezidence, s.r.o. CEO

Our cooperation has lasted for more than 10 years. I appreciate not only their professionalism, but especially their sense for business opportunities, where the impossible sometimes becomes possible thanks to their experience. I can always rely on a complete service, including interesting non-public offers of apartment buildings, their help with purchasing and selling properties and their subsequent property management.

You can trust us,

just like hundreds of clients do!

Our company has been operating in the real estate market since 2000. It is built on seriousness, precision, discretion, professionalism, willingness, personal approach and knowledge, which are the key factors to having satisfied repeat business partners.


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contact us



+420 603 525 184


Neklanova 42

128 00 Praha 2 - Vyšehrad

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