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Selling property

The process of selling your property begins with finding investors to whom we will personally present and offer your property. Since the beginning of our presence in the market, we have managed to build a wide network of contacts and cooperate with a variety of development companies and verified real estate investors.

We will ensure the sale of your property.

We will offer your investment property to verified clients without public advertising, thanks to our long-standing experience in the market and extensive database of investors.

Podepsání smlouvy

How will we ensure the sale of your property?

First contact with the owner

During a personal meeting with the owner, we will discuss all the steps that will precede the actual sale. We will acquaint the owner with our work and the services we commonly offer, from determining the market price to legal assistance.



Investor selection

Due to the nature of the property, where the goal is not public advertising, we actively search for investors ourselves. We will personally introduce and offer your property to these investors. Since the beginning of our presence in the market, we have successfully built a wide network of contacts.



Investor & Owner

After receiving a serious expression of interest from an investor regarding your property, we will arrange a meeting between the property owner and the investor. During such a meeting, technical, payment, and other relevant details will be discussed to facilitate the closing of the deal.


Market appraisal & documents

When assessing the value of your property in the market compared to the competition, we rely on the extensive experience of our agents and closely monitor the changing trends and developments in the real estate market. A crucial part of this process is the professional photography or video presentation of the property.

Property viewings

The next step in the sales process is to organize viewings with pre-screened potential buyers, without the necessity of the property owner's presence. Our role is to accommodate the client's schedule, allowing viewings to take place in the evenings or on weekends, and offering them in both Czech and English languages.



Even after the registration of the property in the land registry and the disbursement of funds from the escrow account, our role as a real estate agency may not necessarily end. We would be pleased to continue keeping you informed about any updates or developments in the real estate market.


Legal documentation

Based on the client's preferences, we will arrange for all the necessary legal documents and contracts to be prepared through a reputable law firm. We are ready to assist in negotiating a mortgage loan and communicate with the bank if needed.

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