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Property management

Just as we prefer a personal approach to each client in the property market, we also have an individual approach when it comes to managing properties for both private investors and the Association of unit owners (SVJ). All this under the brand name Profispráva s.r.o.

U Tržnice

The U Tržnice residence is located in one of the most exclusive districts in Prague - Vinohrady. It is directly adjacent to the Vinohrady Pavilion, formerly known as the Vinohrady Market.


We took over this property after the last major renovation in 2017 and started selling the apartments to individual owners.

Based on SVJ requirements, we provide a complete service, specifically accounting management, administrative services, cleaning, technology maintenance (including revisions), meter readings, billing and any other services our clients require.

SUD_ZÁKRES_tmavá béžová_ořízlá.jpg

Residence Sudoměřská is located in one of the most desirable parts of Prague - on the border of Vinohrady and Žižkov. This traditional 1930s functionalist style building offers comfortable living in newly renovated apartments.  All units have one bedroom - these apartments are perfect for living and as a great investment.


We have been managing the property since 2015, when the house was completely renovated and the apartments were then sold to individual owners. We know all the owners and their tenants, and therefore we can approach each client's requests individually.

SUD_ZÁKRES_tmavá béžová - kopie.jpg
U Nikolajky 10

This functionalist style property from the 1930s is located in a very lucrative location - just 600m from the centre of Nový Smíchov and Anděl metro station, yet still in the vicinity of public gardens and parks. 


We are managing this property with 23 apartments and 2 non-residential premises. We are in charge of economic aspects, accounting, technical services and maintenance.

Na obrátce 636

In 2018, we sold newly renovated apartments in a brick building from the 1960s in Prague - Hloubětín to an esteemed client.


Since then, we have taken over the property as a real estate management company called Profispráva s.r.o.


It is a four-storey property with a total of 22 two-bedroom apartments and a basement.

Před Bateriemi 16

This First Republic villa with 6 residential units and a beautiful large garden is located in a very desirable location - Prague 6, Střešovice.

It is also necessary to approach the units and their owners in an individual way, to properly address their needs, thus ensuring satisfaction. 

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